Jesse Crouse

Hi! My name is Jesse Crouse & I've been riding & training horses for almost 30 years. As soon as I could express my desires I was asking my parents for a pony & got my boy Darby for Christmas when I was 9. I took riding lessons weekly & gradually worked up to daily barn time as a teen, showed all over the country on the APHA circuit & was a working student for a couple of patient, generous trainers. I met Jordan & his family as a young adult; they were in need of some help with the older, sassy mare & young gelding they'd recently acquired. Jordan's mom, Heidi, was interested in learning Parelli Natural Horsemanship & I started looking more thoroughly into the program so that I could give lessons to Heidi & Jordan. We learned so much more together about how to be better partners for our horses. I went out to Colorado with my levels horse, Cori the summer of 2004 to an advanced level 3 clinic with Linda Parellli & had the most fantastic experience there. I was planning to work with horses full time at that point but ended up slowing down that plan for a few years after getting married and starting a family. Jordan always had a fantastic connection with Cori and ended up continuing to advance with her at the point in my life when I was focusing more on raising young children. The last few years I've pursued learning more about jumping & dressage. I also worked part time at a wonderful barn where these disciplines are the primary focus near our home. During this time I also got into rescuing and rehabilitating horses mentally & physically. The two horses I have now are both OTTBs that are still in the rehab process. Most recently I've been studying classical dressage and learning to integrate these incredibly powerful, foundational skills into everything I do with my horses. I've worked with many different equinalities & several breeds. I love to work with problem horses, start young horses & help any horse/rider team to become better partners. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to join the JBH team and help others achieve their horsemanship goals!

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