What is Natural Horsemanship?

Natural horsemanship is a positive reinforcement-focused style of horsemanship that’s derived from how horse’s naturally think, feel and learn. It’s often perceived as an unrealistically positive approach to horses in which people never get firm, use spurs, bits etc… These are simply not true, it’s merely a horsemanship style that promotes the understanding of horse behavior and psychology and communicating to horses in ways they understand through a natural approach.

Is the JBH program right for me?

Jordan Brasser Horsemanship is designed to help everyone from the person who wants to have a safe trail ride to the person with ambition to compete or perform at the highest levels. Jordan surrounds himself with many elite horsemanship professionals that all endorse his method and Jordan has set up his program to be the one stop shop for horse lovers and accomplished horsemanship professionals who want to be a part of an ever growing, diverse community for the horse.

Will this program help me with my competitive goals?

Absolutely, Jordan has been coaching the horsemanship side to many of the specialized disciplines and will connect you with education from his associate professionals who are specialized in the competitive area you pursue.

Who did Jordan learn his technique and knowledge from?

Jordan was introduced to natural horsemanship at a very young age by many of the leading names in Natural horsemanship. He ended up finding ways of not only getting the results faster but with just as much quality and efficiency as his teachers. He studied the teachings of Tom Dorrance, Honza Blaha, Pat Parelli, Walter Zettle and Ray Hunt. But his greatest teacher above all was the horse.

Why doesn’t Jordan advocate for lunging?

Jordan has what he calls the “circling exercise” that he does in replacement of the longing practice. He wants to do away with longing because it creates a counter lateral mindset in the horse, it doesn’t stimulate the horse mentally enough for what most people strive to prepare their horse to do eventually and it takes a really long time if that’s what you depend on for your warm ups. You can learn more about this by watching the “ground exercises” video in the Grow part of the JBH curriculum.

Is Natural Horsemanship mostly groundwork?

No, natural horsemanship is a style of horsemanship that gets you to every goal you could ever want traditionally but with positive reinforcement and higher levels of understanding of horse behavior and psychology.

How do I work with Jordan in person?

To work with Jordan in person you can host or attend a clinic, attend his annual conference or (if you’re a JBH member) submit a video of your issue to jordanbrasserhorsemanship@gmail.com and you could be selected to have Jordan come to your location with his media team and you and your horse could be featured in his weekly educational installment.

Is their special equipment needed in order to do this program?

Getting the right tools is highly recommended due to the high levels of concentration on timing, pressure and coordination. With the right tools it will make practicing JBH fundamentals much easier. Be sure to visit our store!

How long does it take to graduate a level in the curriculum?

People and horses learn at different speeds and come into the journey at different stages of confidence and commitment. But on average level 1 will take someone 3-6 months, level 2 will take someone 8-12 months from the completion of level 1 and level 3 should take 12-18 months from the completion of level 2. Keep your focus on your horsemanship and make it about the journey, not about the destination.

With any further questions contact us!