Jordan Brasser has a long history studying equine behavior under some of the top talents in the world. He became a Natural Horsemanship Professional in 2008 and has since been sharing his revolutionary methods and knowledge of the horse through clinics and seminars. He has his own revolutionary program for helping people to acquire everything from foundation training to high levels of performance with their horses.
Jordan’s charismatic teaching style and knowledge of horse psychology captivates audiences of all ages and he has a strong following in different parts of the world. Jordan’s has been a part of the natural horsemanship scene for over a decade and has been known as a rule-breaker for his unorthodox way of teaching, style and positive approach to horsemanship but his following has grown due to his down to earth, funny and in depth way of teaching .There is no one out there who prioritizes knowledge and understanding more than Jordan and it’s his goal to share everything he has learned you in half the time he learned it.

Your Equine Answers

The Jordan Brasser Horsemanship program has the answers you’ve been looking for whether you are wanting to find a deeper connection with your horse, discover a competitive edge for showing or learn the higher levels of performance.